About Us

At Trigger Data, we deliver operational data solutions to help businesses transform raw data into business value. With our dedication to technical excellence, our wealth of experience, and our customer obsession, we have established ourselves as a mature and trusted partner of businesses. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make asset monitoring and management simple, using our tried and tested design patterns, complimented with the technology capabilities of our Technical Partners.

The Leadership Team at Trigger Data have themselves worked on designing, building and operating end-to-end data systems across multiple industries for over a decade, each. During this time we have gained invaluable experience and insights into the challenges and requirements that operationalising data as part of business-as-usual processes creates. We have incorporated these learnings into our solutions so that our customers can shortcut their journey to value creation.

Why Choose Us

We have successfully demonstrated both capability and experience in developing solutions that convert raw data to business value. We do this with by weaving together the following capabilities into our Solutions:

Data Strategy

• Governance & Risk Management

• Security

• Automation

• Data Infrastructure

• Data Engineering

• Advanced Analytics & AI

Our Leadership Team

Tristan Gerhold

Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Tristan is an experienced Data and Software architect with significant experience in developing and executing data strategies for enterprise customers. Tristan is passionate about utilising modern technologies to efficiently achieve business objectives and solve difficult technical challenges. 

Tristan has delivered successful data projects and developed operational data systems for some of the world’s largest companies, with a focus on ensuring that Governance, Security, Reliability and Scalability are embedded into operational systems.

Francisco Ruiz Aguilar

Partner, Chief Technical Officer

Francisco is a seasoned Technologist with a can-do attitude and adaptability to the ever-evolving software landscape. With over 18 years experience, working mostly in the consulting industry with clients that want to transform and with clients that challenge the untransformed space, Francisco has a good grasp on how to organise and execute technical strategies.

Francisco’s strength is in creating efficiencies and down-sizing delivery and operational cost of cloud data platforms.

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