Trigger Data

AI-Powered Asset Monitoring and
Management Systems

At Trigger Data, we create and operate AI-powered data systems to revolutionise the way businesses monitor and manage their critical assets.

Our solutions are crafted from our unique mix of deep expertise in operational data systems and asset monitoring & management.

How we can help your business.

Our Capabilities.

Real-Time Data Harvesting Greeen Train

Real-time Data Harvesting

Real-time data acquisition enables benefits, such as low-latency performance monitoring & alerting, and real-time interventions.

Data Extraction Blue Database

Data Extraction

Our solutions include modules to pull/push from various source systems. In addition, our system is extensible to add on custom extraction modules for bespoke data sources.

Targeted Visualisations Red Orange Up Chart

Targeted Visualisations

User-focused visualisations support simple and efficient communication of outputs for business stakeholders.

Alerting Red Information


Proactive and automated alerting ensures that events of interest are made known to users immediately. This supports users in knowing where to focus efforts and to promptly react when necessary.

Trigger Data AI Modules Yellow Brain

AI Modules

Advanced analytics and AI-modules provide cutting edge methods to carry out critical business functions. From automated visual inspections to automatically categorising written text.

Trigger Data Automation Red Nodes


Automating routine business activities and workflows improves efficiency, reduces errors, and frees up humans to focus on higher-value activities.

Trigger Data Security Grey Person Lock


Our solutions ensure that our users’ data and assets are secured from any unauthorised access or malicious activity. Our solutions include security by design to ensure end-to-end protection.

Trigger Data Governance Cyan Check Tick


Our solutions are designed and built within established structures, policies, and decision-making processes to ensure that decisions and investments deliver value and mitigate risks.

Our Technology Partners

Trigger Data Asset Monitoring Databricks Partner

Databricks is the Data and AI Company and pioneers of the Lakehouse. Trigger Data have partnered with Databricks and our solutions are powered by the Lakehouse, which provides the best of data warehouses and data lakes.

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